Please find below details for warranty guidelines and claim. Please carefully ready warranty claims before purchasing or placing order for any products of Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd.

This warranty applied to all products manufacture in Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd.

Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd will offer limited one-year warranty against original purchaser of Rubber tiles with terms and condition apply. This limited warranty is subject to the following conditions:

The limited warranty will continue for one year from the date of purchase as documented by a purchase receipt from the Original Purchaser. “Original Purchaser” applies to the first purchaser and specifically excludes distributors and/or dealers.

Claims must be sent in writing to Warranty Claims at sunflex recycling pvt ltd corporate registered office within 30 days from the date of original purchase. Proof of purchase will be required. Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd has right to inspect or test any defective material or product prior to replacement.

Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd has right to revoke the warranty claims

This limited warranty shall not apply if the Original Purchaser denies Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd and its representative access to the installed products and/or fails to cooperate in providing permission for this access.

Excluded from the warranty

The exact matching of shade, colour, or colour distribution. Any express or implied promise made by any salesman or representative.

Labour costs including, without restriction, cost of initial installation, cost of removal and/or cost of replacement of defective tiles.

Problems or damage caused by mold and mildew growth.

Repairs, alterations or modifications made to the surfaces without prior consultation or consent of SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD

Problems caused by uses, maintenance and installation that is contrary to specifications, recommendations or instructions by SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD Problems caused by failure to install product on a flat, hard surface.

Problems caused by adding attachments or parts not sold by SUNFLEX RECYCLING PVT LTD. Fading and/or discoloration resulting from sunlight penetrations and ultraviolet ray exposure. Problems or damage caused by natural disasters


Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd tiles has been made 100% from recycled used tires. The used tires have mix range of truck, car, otr tyres.

Hence size of the crumb granules of tiles may varies from batch to batch as per last orders. Hence this recycle process may get variation from tiles to tiles. It may effect tiles edges, colour variation and granules of tiles.

The element properties of car and truck tyres crumb may vary creating the batch change when heating or colour dye, hence effected in effect tiles edges, colour variation and granules of tiles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd has right to revoke and Cancel the warranty claims.

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