Container Shooting Range is defined as ready range for live firing training.

This is engineered as 100% ballistic enclosed live firing ranges.

They are generally modified 40ft high cube containers with ISO shipping maintains affordability.

The mobile ranges are portable to shift from one place to another.

It allows end-user to relocate anytime in future.

It has 360-degree positive ballistic containment so it can be placed anywhere.

The ready range has all kind of Integrated safety system like bullet traps, lightning, hvac system, target retrieval, shooting stalls, security access system, ventilations, anti-ricochet and acoustic treatment.

Container shooting range is best choice for fire training with small space.

Modular shooting range has to be constructed with large number of funds.

The mobile range can be used for law enforcement, military, police, commercial, testing laboratory for ammunitions, weapons testing.

This can be fully customizable as per your needs and budget. Investment will never be loss specially when you choose mobile ranges.

It needs low electrical power requirements. Maintenance is low compared to modular shooting ranges.

This can also be Expandable as per future needs to increase shooting stalls.

Metal fabrication and design for container shooting range

Our principal element in the design and construction of every shooting range product is safety under any circumstances.

All our metal fabrication, design and engineering are done in-house as per customization selection of choice.

We are equipped with professional fabricators to maintain the highest level of quality in all our products and components.

We use the finest quality of material which are highly tested by independent laboratories.

Our designs meet with best standards for long term durability.

Advantages for using Quick Range Live Firing Space.

  • Military, special forces, security and law enforcement need places for their officers, war-fights, to keep their weapons training sharp.
  • Can be moved from one place to another.
  • Safe ballistic containment environment.
  • Low Investment compared to Modular Tactics.
  • Can be located in any flat, level area that offers minimal support.
  • Standard ammunition for 7.62mm x 51 capable.
  • Multiple ballistic rubber and steel bullet trap choices to fit.
  • Customize Bullet Trap
  • Shooting Stalls
  • Hvac System
  • Target Retrieval System

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