Sunflex Recycling Pvt. Ltd. comprises 3 industrial facilities on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

We have the most up-to-date equipment to manufacture any ballistic rubber products.

To manufacture shooting range supplies, we adhere to global standards for recycling, design, and engineering.

We have effective tyre recycling equipment to support our daily rubber material needs.

A facility of the third generation capable of producing ballistic rubber tiles and blocks.

Specialize subunits to concentrate daily on global export production.

Specialized and customizable hydraulic presses aid in the production of rubber tiles of the highest quality worldwide.

Regularly, we conduct research and development for our forthcoming products.

Engineers on the Production Team are highly qualified and professionally created.

Senior fabricators are responsible for engineering design and project work.

We have been manufacturing rubber flooring for several years and have a wealth of experience and information to share with our customers.

In production facilities, the highest quality ballistic rubber tiles are engineered and designed.

Our Clients