The rubber rifle rest stand is manufactured from recycled rubber material.

Rubber rest stands for rifles are superior to sandbags and metal rests for sighting in a rifle.

Its molded rubber construction provides a stable rifle rest that can be easily repositioned to provide three different heights.

The design has engineered with a unique pattern to ensure all possibility for adjustment of heights and replace sand bags.

This can be used in extreme weather conditions. The sandbags don't absorb water or leak its content and can be rusty like metal.

The composite rubber material will not scratch the finish on your rifle.

The stacking is not necessary to accommodate larger capacity magazines.

Rifle rest bench stand made from rubber has three different heights that can be changed by rotating it.

Sizes are 4 Inch, 7 Inches or 9 Inches.

The 9-inch high rest position is ideal for benching ARs and AKs fitted with 30-round magazines.

These are the best alternatives to sandbags for support while shooting.

  • Portable to Carry
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Replacement of Sand Bags
  • Adjustment of heights
  • Environment friendly
  • Stable Rifle Stand

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