Ballistic Rubber Blocks are high density specially produced for heavy firing ranges.

Our ballistic rubber blocks are made from hot mold technology. There are only a few companies in the world which provide hot mold processes supply.

Our ballistic rubber blocks are made with interlock patterns designed by our own.

Sunflex produces the finest quality of ballistic interlocking rubber blocks with the highest quality of standards globally.

Rubber blocks are second alternatives to stick in shooting ranges, tactical shoot houses, flood reservoirs, security blocking systems, small vehicle barriers and other defensive applications.

Ballistic Rubber blocks are designed specially to encapsulate ammunition up-to 7.62caliber.

Rubber blocks are manufactured with innovative polymer technology. They have better durability than ballistic rubber tiles.

Rubber blocks have larger surface area which helps in closed firing bullet encapsulation with a safe environment.

Due to its larger surface area it has a tendency to encapsulate a maximum number of rounds trapped inside blocks from every direction while shooting.

Most of the portable bullet encapsulates are made from ballistic rubber blocks in front and steel backing at the back side.

According to the Design Act of 2000 and the Design Rules of 2001, Sunflex ballistic rubber blocks are protected by Indian intellectual property.

Design Number - 331857- 001

Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber Block Performance

  • The ballistic Rubber blocks are highly durable for live shooting ranges, tactical shoot house and portable bullet traps.
  • Due to its binding process it has good elasticity and stability.
  • Interlocking pattern helps to deploy blocks faster and quicker.
  • The locking system can turn into an impermeable solid defense wall.
  • Thousands of firing rounds can be trapped inside the rubber blocks.
  • Sun-Flex ballistic rubber products are registered design as intellectual property under Indian laws.
  • Sun-Flex ballistic rubber blocks has been tested by TBRL, DRDO INDIA and holds no penetration. NIJ 0108.01, Level 3 has been passed successfully.
  • We can email you all test report upon your request.

Sun-Flex Ballistic rubber blocks available size and thickness.

Dimensions in Inches Weight of each block Colours Available Availability & Stocking
20”L x 12”W x 12”H 38kg Basic Black Yes
24″L x 12″W x 9″H 38kg Basic Black Make To Order
48″L x 24″W x 8.75″H 140kg Basic Black Make To Order
36″L x 12″W x 9″H 50kg Basic Black Make To Order
29.52”L x 11.81”W x 7.871”H 38kg Basic Black Make To Order

Note - Customize size and colours also available upon request.

Portable strategic military bunker for quick deployment

  • We are doing research & development for strategic Military Deployment where line of fire is critical.
  • We are manufacturing mega ballistic rubber blocks to stop critical heavy firing near the line of control in front of the sanitary post and military bunkers.
  • Our company is Interested to test rubber blocks, if respected military commanding officers are most welcome to use rubber blocks and get us feedback review.
  • Our Mission is to Improve environmental impact of shooting which stops noise pollution, heavy metals lead, safety, pollute the soil and water.
  • Sun-flex Ballistic Rubber Products are delivered to stop environmental pollution by Innovative Polymer Technology.

Rubber Blocks for Encapsulator Shooting Range Wall

  • Ballistic Rubber Blocks can also be deployed as bullet Encapsulator for ready range in few minutes.
  • We recommend AR500 steel backing before deploying blocks.
  • This are great options to construct small ranges for mobile container, commercial or residential.
  • Anyone can construct small range by using this rubber blocks.
  • Make sure you follow all safety guidelines when constructing shooting range.
  • Rubber Blocks can also be used as security barriers, security check point, military guard points.
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Tactical Shoot House
  • Military Guard Post
  • Security Barriers

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