• We are committed to make finest quality of ballistic rubber products.
  • Building the safest environment for shooting range tactics.
  • To make innovation for new ballistic rubber containment and security products over the years.
  • Products which can be available for law enforcement agency, military and special forces.
  • Products develop with portability to move from one place to another.
  • To make recycle rubber products from hot mold technology.
  • We design and engineer which can help to improve close tactics and better shooting aim.
  • Quality engineering by using finest material tested by independent laboratory.


  • Our vision is to make total solution for 360-degree live firing tactics.
  • To acknowledge the importance of latest shooting range tactics globally.
  • To make latest shooting range for special forces.
  • To save environment by stopping pollution in shooting outdoor range.
  • Better for environment and earth.
  • To collect bullet leads properly and dispose as per universal law.
  • The capacity to carry out new research and development with upcoming rubber ballistic containment products.
  • We are doing research & development for strategic Military Deployment where line of fire is critical.
  • Products under development for anti-tress pass mats, security barriers, military guard post.
  • To prepare military shooting tactics for long term.

Our Clients