In India, Sun-Flex Recycling Private Limited was started in 1989 as a privately held enterprise. The business headquarters and various manufacturing facilities are dispersed across the country.

Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber has been the leading supplier of ballistic rubber panels, ballistic rubber blocks, portable bullet traps, and rubber rifle rest supports for more than a decade.

Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber Products is our registered trademark. Our brand is internationally recognised.

Our mission is to lessen the environmental impact of shooting by preventing noise pollution, heavy metal pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution.

As a privately held INDIAN Holding company, we have the capacity to manage any project, no matter how large or little, as well as the financial stability and investment capital required to keep on top of industry challenges.

SUN-FLEX will offer you with the ballistic rubber goods, service, and value you require.

On the outskirts of Ahmedabad, INDIA, our company owns and manages two manufacturing facilities.

We work with architects, construction firms, shooting clubs, and range owners on projects ranging from customised residential ranges to big commercial and military facilities.

We provide a comprehensive solution for live-fire shooting range tactics from every angle.

This product is composed entirely of ballistic containment from recycled rubber. In terms of safety and effective collecting of ammunition lead, it is better for the land and the ecosystem.

Due to its revolutionary polymer technology and polyurethane binding procedure, it possesses a high degree of elasticity and stability. Within the rubber blocks, tens of thousands of projectiles can be concealed.

The era of ballistic rubber confinement products has begun. On request, customised container shooting ranges are available. Innovative ideas for military mobile guard posts and perimeter security. Numerous global projects for the supply of ballistic rubber tiles and blocks for live shooting ranges have been successfully completed.

We are the world's leading maker of ballistic rubber goods. Our products have been field-tested by military special operations forces and have achieved global success. Our ballistic rubber products have achieved Level 3 NIJ 0108.01 certification.

Our products are sold in more than fifteen countries globally. We make and distribute a big quantity of ballistic rubber tiles and blocks annually.

Sun-Flex created an in-house, state-of-the-art rubber recycling plant as part of a planned backward integration strategy to provide a consistent supply of high-quality crumb rubber granules for its two current manufacturing sites.

Due to the overwhelming reaction from local and international markets, Sun-Flex is now growing its ballistic rubber production capacity by adding two new manufacturing facilities as part of a planned growth strategy.

We committed to delivering our most deserving customers with product solutions that consistently meet the highest efficacy and quality requirements recognised at the international level, while also offering them with an exceptional value.

In addition, we may offer you with a sample to evaluate the suitability of our products for usage on live firing ranges. Please consider our company while evaluating future leaders.

Building the safest environment for shooting range tactics.

Available for military, special forces and law enforcement agency.

Design for military special forces.

Customize solutions as per project.

Building the right range as per your needs.

Design our proprietary ballistic rubber products.

Creating highest performance for ballistic rubber products.

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