Sun-Flex Recycling Private Limited is a privately held company founded in 1989 in India. The company's corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing facilities are located throughout the country.

For more than one decade, Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber has been the industry's leading supplier of ballistic rubber panels, ballistic rubber blocks, portable bullet traps, and rubber rifle rest stands.

Sun-Flex Ballistic Rubber Products is our trademark name. Our brand is well-known throughout the world.

Our Mission is to reduce the environmental impact of shooting by preventing noise pollution, heavy metals pollution, and soil and water pollution.

As a subsidiary of a privately held INDIAN Holding company, we have the resources to manage any project, large or small, and the financial stability and investment resources necessary to stay current with industry challenges.

You can rely on SUN-FLEX to provide you with the high-quality ballistic rubber products, service, and value you deserve.

Our company owns and operates two manufacturing facilities on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, INDIA.

We collaborate with architects, construction companies, gun clubs and range owners on projects ranging from customised home ranges to large commercial and military facilities.

We offer a complete solution of 360* live firing shooting range tactics.

This is a product made entirely of recycled rubber ballistic containment. Better for the earth and the environment in terms of safety and proper collection of ammunition leads.

It has a high degree of elasticity and stability as a result of its innovative polymer technology and polyurethane binding process. Within the rubber blocks, thousands of firing rounds can be trapped.

Ballistic rubber containment products begin a new era. Customized container shooting ranges are available upon request. Innovative solutions for mobile military guard posts and perimeter security. We have successfully completed numerous projects worldwide for the supply of ballistic rubber tiles and blocks for live shooting ranges.

We are the leading manufacturer of ballistic rubber products in the world. Our products have been field-tested by military special forces and have been successful throughout the world. NIJ 0108.01, Level 3 certification has been obtained for our ballistic rubber products.

Our products are distributed in over 15 countries worldwide. Each year, we manufacture and supply a large quantity of ballistic rubber tiles and blocks.

To ensure a steady supply of high-quality crumb rubber granules to our two existing manufacturing facilities, Sun-Flex established an in-house, state-of-the-art rubber recycling plant as part of a planned strategy of backward integration.

As a result of the overwhelming response from domestic and international markets, Sun-Flex is currently expanding its ballistic rubber production capacity significantly by adding two additional manufacturing plants as part of a planned growth strategy.

We pledged to provide our truly worthy customers with product solutions that invariably meet the highest efficacy and quality standards accepted at the international level, even while providing them with excellent value for their money.

Additionally, we can provide you with a sample to evaluate our products for use on live shooting ranges. Kindly keep our company in mind when considering future leaders.

Building the safest environment for shooting range tactics.

Available for military, special forces and law enforcement agency.

Design for military special forces.

Customize solutions as per project.

Building the right range as per your needs.

Design our proprietary ballistic rubber products.

Creating highest performance for ballistic rubber products.

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