We have produced ballistic rubber goods over the past few decades.

By selling our equipment to major armed forces across the world, we gather extensive experience.

As a quality-conscious company, we apply and adhere to severe and rigorous quality control systems that are consistent with international standards during the manufacturing process.

This helps us maintain our ballistic rubber products' quality standards.

We purchase crumb rubber granules, armour steel, and target retrieval from the most trustworthy suppliers on the market.

Our goods have been evaluated by special forces and independent laboratories during the past few years.

TBRL, DRDO INDIA has tested Sun-Flex ballistic rubber blocks and determined that they are impervious to penetration. NIJ 0108.01, Level 3 has been successfully completed.

We utilise the highest quality materials that have been rigorously examined by independent laboratories.

Recycled tyres are utilised in the production of our ballistic rubber products.

Keeping in mind the safety of our customers, we ensure that every product undergoes quality assurance procedures prior to shipment.

These items are not only attractive, but also long-lasting, straightforward, secure, and low-maintenance.

For the delight of our customers, we offer additional services such as product customization and on-time delivery in accordance with their preferences.

Every stage of production is inspected to ensure that the final product is flawless.

Our goods undergo ASTM and EN standards testing.

Technical Specifications
Product Name Ballistic Rubber Tiles Quality and Certificate
Material Sbr Rubber Tiles made from crumb rubber granules with polyurethane polymerically bonded N/A
Hot Mold Cure Technology Yes N/A
Hardness A 60 (ASTM D2240) TUV RHEILAND
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 1.29 (Force 55.4 N) TUV RHEILAND
Elongation at break (%) 47% (ASTM D573) TUV RHEILAND
Tear Strength (N/mm) 40.1% strain@Break(%) TUV RHEILAND
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 0.88 TUV RHEILAND
Compression set (%) 7.23 Mpa at 25% Deflection, test speed-5mm/min. pre-load-2n (DIN 53577) TUV RHEILAND
Operating Temperatures (continuous use) (*c) 140-150 N/A
Test reports requested by special forces.
Test Name Method Result Observed
Antimicrobial Test
ASTM G21:2015
Aspergillus nigerATCC16404 Penicillium pinophilum Hedgcock ATCC 9644 Chaetomium glososum ATCC 6205 Trichoderma virens ATCC 9645 Aureobasidium pullulans ATCC 15233 Growth = None
Result = Pass
ASTM C 423 Sound Absorption Coefficients 0.45 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) TUV Rheinland INDIA
FMVSS 302 Burning Behaviour Test 6.8 mm/min TUV Rheinland INDIA
AS/ISO 9239.1-2003 Reaction to Fire Tests for Floorings. Determination of the Burning Behaviour using a Radiant Heat Source CHF Value 1 Non-Directional ≤1.1 kW/m² Smoke Value 1 Non-Directional 1869 %.min Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd - trading as AWTA Product Testing

We have tested our ballistic rubber blocks for both penetration and anti-ricochet ballistic testing. We have fire with all multiple angles of attack with MSC, HSC and SLR.

Testing was done in government approved laboratories. The result was satisfied for the products
Number of Test Done Ammunition Tested Number of Shots Fired Number of Blocks Stack Result
Test 1 .22 LR HV 40 gr Lead 5 2 No Penetration
Test 2 .38 Special 158 gr RNL 5 2 No Penetration
Test 3 9mm Parabellum 124 gr FMJ 5 2 No Penetration
Test 4 .357 Magnum 158 gr JSP 5 2 No Penetration
Test 5 .44 Magnum 240 gr SWC 5 2 No Penetration
Test 6 .30 cal 7.62 NATO 147 gr M80 5 2 No Penetration
Test 7 .30 cal 30-06 166 gr M2 AP 5 2 No Penetration
Test 8 5.56 x 45 NATO 62 gr M855 5 2 No Penetration
Test 9 .50 cal 709.5 gr FMJ 5 2 No Penetration
Test 10 7.62 NATO M80 5 2 No Penetration

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