Military and law enforcement agency need combat training according to latest realistic situation which is growing necessary.

This help in realistic training tools for close quarter battle operations.

Contain better dynamic and smart training for special forces.

Tactical shoot house is 360* degree live firing ballistically safe shoot house.

It helps soldiers to learn better close shooting skills, navigations and clearing breach room.

Tactical shoot house is constructed with realistic walls, doors, rooms, hallways, tunnels and custom configuration as per commander need.

It has multiple options for entry and exit level. Consist commander room to watch live operation performed by special forces.

It also has observation catwalks with monitoring facility.

The most advantage for special forces is judgement to learn whether to shoot/don’t shoot as per realistic situations.

The shoot house has Ar500 steel wall with ballistic rubber tiles for safe shooting environment.

Each round fired 360* degree is being contained and safe.

It can be equipped with below criteria

  • 360* Live Firing
  • Tactical Movement
  • Breaching

Customization layout and designs

  • Target Engagement
  • Target Discrimination
  • Real Time Replication

Observation catwalks for commander


Live-fire shoot house with handgun,shotgun,and rifle rated options.


Utilizes interchangeable parts and numerous training accessories.


Integrates with central range control software for advanced features and functionality

clean and safe

Spiatter containing walls,Zero SDZ design , and ventiation provide a safe traning environment.

How it works to select and build tactical shoot house?

  • Choose the localization.
  • specify targets – or start size of “the combat area”
  • specify the planned rooms outline or make use of our proposals and choose something for you.
  • you will receive set od modules along with the application of administering it, and what follows is depended on your needs and imaginations.
  • specify the budget.

Note – This is our exclusive pictures where we supply our ballistic rubber tiles to Israel special forces.

Key Points for Investing tactical shoot house
  • Close combat training
  • Ballistically containment safe range
  • Custom design and configuration
  • Better judgements for special forces
  • Live Monitoring
  • Improves close tactics

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