A modular military guard post constructed entirely of ballistic rubber blocks.

The Sun-Flex military guard post is designed in a series of ballistic rubber blocks.

Military guard posts made of Sun-Flex provide protection for military personnel and civilians during military and humanitarian operations.

This serves as a protective barrier or shelter that can be quickly deployed during military operations.

Sun-Flex military guard posts will outlive any other ballistic defence construction now available on the market.

Our military guard post features a one-of-a-kind design technology that ensures its effectiveness and lifespan in all weather conditions.

Sun-Flex military guard posts are ballistic-rated, blast-resistant, flood-resistant, impact-resistant, and sound-absorbing.

A twenty-first-century counterpart to the sandbag with a variety of defensive applications.

Sun-Flex design for quick interlocking deployment


Simple to assemble, recyclable, and eco-friendly product that saves lives and money. The guard post hut can be delivered on a pallet, Rapid Construction.


  • 2 inexperienced men/ 2 hours
  • There is no need for machinery, Simple instructions/tools are included
  • The guard post is easily dismantled and relocated
  • Enhance the streetscape with branded hoarding – any design will do
  • As an alternative to sandbags, the system is attractive and simple to construct

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